Treating a Treatment Center: Unifying Communication Resolves Issues

In July 2012 was retained by Sierra Integrative Medical Center to create a new website. Significant challenges included reaching out to internal audiences, expressing a core message and optimizing all communications. In the initial project discovery and development phase, Thumbler identified an array of broken and incorrect communication channels, including duplicate and incomplete social media, incorrect Google location listings and an overall lack of branding.

Sierra Integrative Medical Center focuses on solving root causes, not treating symptoms or masking issues falsely with compounded prescriptions. From a communication vantage point, Sierra Integrative has several key niche markets. Less than half of their patients are from the greater Sierra Nevada region. Many travel across several states for highly specialized treatment at Sierra Integrative. systematically addressed solutions. The web project as a core communication piece, establishing a brand mark and graphic theme. In addition to building a new, comprehensive website, created effective social media channels and provided real-time ongoing content feeds. By integrating communication systems in a strong network—web, social, press and mobile—everything comes together for optimized results. Acting as a single digital agency, Sierra Integrative benefits from time and cost savings while gaining momentum from repeated emphasis on the most vital brand messages.

Thumbler notes that Sierra Integrative Medical Center typifies a busy client—they are deeply immersed in their business, so it is Thumbler’s task to get a big picture and find solutions that simplify and streamline operations from a communications viewpoint. brings all resources together and unifies web, social and mobile, so they support each other. This keeps everything humming, sends clear messages to all audiences and saves clients time and money. Channels of communication are opened between internal and external audiences. Nobody really has to work so hard to ‘sell’ or ‘portray’ something— delivers real, transparent communication. People sense and seek this authenticity.

Once core systems were established, expanded on customer services for long-distance patients with a comprehensive e-commerce site, allowing patients to easily purchase the supplements and medical foods they routinely need on line. This completes a patient treatment cycle from patient attraction, treatment to ongoing maintenance care.

Patient communication has been enhanced with news bulletins, email sign-up and reviews requested with a simple QR code to get patients right to their favorite review site. Onsite signage, brand graphics and vision statement wall graphics enhance visibility and reinforce messaging.

Today, Sierra Integrative Medical Center enjoys a foundation of Facebook followers in excess of 3K, has championed national online advertising campaigns with above average results and has integrated signage, web, social, e-commerce and mobile marketing in place.

Communication Challenges
Challenges to be improved included an outdated website, inaccurate online social media and outreach resources, duplicate resources, a lack of communication with patients and deteriorating internal morale.

Communication Solutions

A new brand-mark, core website with strong brand presence, carried through to all updated and enhanced online listings, social media and review sources. Ongoing periodic PR news stories published at medical blogs. National online ad campaigns in targeted markets along with establishing e-mail sign-up and routine e-news mailings. Thumbler also created review request sources and POS request for reviews added to business cards and front counter, accessed through easy QR scan. Facebook posts include staff, as does the new website. The e-commerce for easy product delivery, dove-tails employee engagement and training and improved patient lifecycle service.

Communication Results
Sierra Integrative’s web traffic has more than quadrupled, going from approximately 100 unique visitors to over 1K per month. Facebook ‘Likes’ have been built from a mere 17 at commencement to over 3K. After just 60 days, Sierra Integrative’s mobile site was delivering optimized content to more that 25% of all site traffic via mobile, including click to call and click to find services. No new negative posts or online posts have been generated with Thumbler as agency of record. Positive reviews at Yahoo! and Google+ have increased. New patient intake flow has stabilized, providing consistent treatment services. Reduced core staff is solid. New professional internal support through office management, PR and CPA services fill important internal roles.

About Sierra Integrative Medical Center
Sierra Integrated Medical Center is headed by Medical Director Bruce Fong, DO, HMD. Dr. Fong holds that we achieve optimal health by first determining, then remedying root causes of illness. Dr. Fong has been at the forefront of alternative therapies for immune related diseases, including special treatment plans which combine the best options from a broad array of homeopathic, internal, Chinese and traditional medicine. During the 1980’s Dr. Fong pioneered some of the most progressive immune system treatments available for HIV. Today he is well known for solving difficult, compounded issues around cancer, Lyme disease, MS and other neurological conditions.

Practice Partner Sean Devlin, DO, HMD is involved in emerging cancer and Lyme disease treatment modalities. He is a frequent instructor and lecturer on these topics. Dr. Devlin’s routine speaking engagements carry Sierra Integrative’s message to physicians and patients nationwide. This is supported through press releases, news announcements and state-of-the art medical services. Breakthrough ONCOblot early diagnosis is now offered through Sierra Integrative Medical Center.

Thumbler began building mobile websites in 2012. has evolved into a digital agency, developing optimized websites, creating logos, social media channels, and straightening the tangle of connections already out there to make sense and build loyalty, awareness, and business. Not magic, just common sense and aligning digital footprints with business objectives. Find us at