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Getting Noticed:
Using Articles to Educate, Demonstrate Leadership
There are many ways to get your business noticed. Websites, search engine optimization, great shareable content are all vital. Advertising and direct marketing are often part of the mix. uses traditional PR techniques, combined with new digital outreach tools. For instance, how does a full page paid advertisement compare in terms of results, credibility and ROI to a journalistic article? Don’t get me wrong here—advertising has its benefits, but in Thumbler’s estimation, public relations can have a greater impact, a lower cost threshold and significant low-term benefits.

Communication Challenge
Sean Devlin, DO HMD was expanding his practice in integrated oncology treatments. Many of the patients he sought to reach are unaware of alternative care treatment.

Communication Solutions
Dr. Devlin compiled his notes and Thumbler worked with him, developing an article on AugSept2014cover100cannabinoids for alternative cancer therapy. Thumbler identified alternative care medical clinics and physicians as the primary audience—these are the physicians that refer patients to specialists. With this knowledge, a magazine directed to this audience was located, The Townsend Letter. Thumbler worked with editors to schedule Devlin’s article, full of informative research, with The Townsend Letter.

Communication Results
Dr. Devlin’s September 2014 Townsend Letter article, Cannabinoids: Healing Agent for Integrative Medical Cancer Treatment generated ongoing referrals and established a leadership position in an emerging treatment modality. Many connections were made with other physicians seeking new alternative treatment methodology. The cost of article development and placement was significantly less than 50% of comparable paid advertising fees.

About Sean Devlin, DO HMD
Sean Devlin, DO, HMD is involved in emerging cancer and Lyme disease treatment modalities. He is a frequent instructor and lecturer on these topics. Dr. Devlin’s routine speaking engagements carry a powerful message to physicians and patients nationwide. This is supported through press releases, news announcements and state-of-the art medical services.

About is a digital agency, developing marketing strategies. Thumbler unifies the tangle of digital connections already out there to make sense and build loyalty, awareness, and business. Not magic, just common sense and aligning digital footprints with business objectives. Find us at

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